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Benefits of Alkaline Water


Alkaline WaterBenefits of Ionized Alkaline Water


Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

  • Features
    • Produces strong antioxidant water
    • Normally exceeds -500 mV
    • Features titanium electrodes covered in platinum
    • 7 cartridges with an integrated electronic recognition stage filter
    • An innovative self-cleaning reverse polarity
      • Automatic change of LCD color panel
    • Incorporated water control value
      • Unique rotary dispenser
      • Self diagnosis system status
    • Incorporated voice alerts
    • Easy to install


Antioxidants are considered beneficial because they slow down the chemical process of oxidation or aging.
These electrodes are made of the finest materials in the world, which signifies a reliable life and without the necessity of maintenance.
Provides reassurance by removing impurities, maintaining beneficial mineral necessary for ionization.
Electronic recognition of cartridge reassures that it will utilize the filter that is 100% authorized by the manufacturer.
Allows continual, uninterrupted production of ionized water. Eliminates the residuals thereby extending the life of the electrodes.
At first sight, it allows the user to confirm the pH level, the filter’s life, the water temperature, and the water flow and all the important diagnostics.
Allows the most precise adjustment of the water entryway to maximize the pH results.
Impressive design also reduces the overall footprint of the unit and uses less space.
The unit automatically shuts off when the water flow is extremely low or the water temperature is extremely high, preventing internal damage to the unit.
Indicates what configuration or process it is producing with a pleasant voice.
No need for plumbers. It is easy to install.


  • Ionized alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant.

Imagine that you have the ability of converting your tap water into antioxidants with a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential). This water slows down the aging process, it’s very simple and easy to understand, a high level of ORP in water cause oxidation in our cells, and that’s why we age. A negative ORP in ionized water literally slows down the aging process.

  • Ionized alkaline water hydrates six times more than regular water.

Water is one of the most important elements in our body, which is approximately 70% water. Ionized water is fundamentally different to conventional water; this is due to the molecular size of the clusters of water and its form. It is reduced in size and into a hexagonal shape, which allows the water to pass through our tissues more easily. One of the principle causes of illnesses is due to cells being chronically dehydrated, a condition that leaves cells in a weak state in their defense. Drinking ionized alkaline water helps improve this condition.

  • Ionized alkaline water is a detoxifier.

This is also because of the reduction in size of the molecular group and hexagonal shape. Once reduced, these water molecular groups pass with more ease through the tissues of the body and expel toxins and acidic waste efficiently. Ionized alkaline water has different levels. People with a lot of acidification in their body can drink the middle level and then gradually increase the pH level until their body acclimates to this marvelous water.

  • Ionized alkaline water is antioxidant.

Ionized water helps to balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic due to our diets because of all the acidic food we incorrectly eat as well as pasteurized foods and processed food. Sodas and the majority of soft drinks are the most acidic substances that a person can put in their body. The acidic condition creates an ideal environment in our body for the majority of degenerative illnesses to flourish.

Dr. Steven Nelson tells us in his testimonial in the Health News editorial that water processed by reverse osmosis is acidic, dead water since this system gets rid of all the bad but at the same time eliminates a large part of the good and necessary minerals for our organism. He tells us that the absence of these minerals can cause depression, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, skin problems, sleeping problems, joint pains, stiffness and fatigue.
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