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Alkaline water is made through a water ionizer, where tap water is electronically filtered and divided into alkaline water and acidic water. The ionizer was first developed in Japan in 1950 and the first experiments took place in plants and animals. Its full-scale development began in 1954 by various Japanese agricultural universities about the effects of ionized water, especially about acidic water in plants. Today, nursery farmers that supply flowers use acidic water to keep flowers fresh for longer before being delivered to the flower shops.
Experiments on the human body took much longer because of the difficulties in maintaining the consistency of the experiments performed by physicians in Japan. Important data has been collected and was concluded that alkaline water made through a water ionizer was non-toxic and alleviated many symptoms of adult illnesses.
The first commercial water ionizers were available in Japan in 1958. Until then, the only water ionizers available were large units that were utilized in hospitals. In 1960, a group of medical doctors and agricultural doctors in Japan formed a special medical and agricultural investigation institution where they had annual meetings to report their findings. Lastly, on January 15 of 1966, this type of water ionizer was approved as a medical device that improves health.
Japanese made water ionizers were first introduced to Korea in the 70s, and today they are also approved as sanitary products by the South Korean government. Water ionizers made for residential use were introduced to the United States in 1985 and a toxicity test was conducted by an independent testing laboratory in Los Angeles on April 14, 1986. The test found no toxicity in the alkaline water generated by a water ionizer. This test was conducted through specific methods given by the FDA.

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